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Here's Where We Are

We know nothing. There are tons of theories and even more hope. Personally, I hope we aren't watching the opening scenes from an authoritarian movie.

President Trump has been impeached. The rest of our government is full of either traitors or cowards. Both of which should be tried for treason and if found guilty hung from neck in the streets of DC and broadcast like the Super Bowl.

Big tech went full Nazi. Wholesale blocking of accounts belonging to Trump and supporters of the movement. Including shutting down Parler at it's AWS host! Obviously, the world would be a better place if Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg had ebola.

The traitor Nancy Pelosi has been missing for 3 days now. She even missed the impeachment of President Trump. WFT Nancy? You got someplace more important to be? Still now at almost 11pm no victory lap from you? .... NOT A F*CKING PEEP?

DC looks like a war zone just before the war. The amount of troop movement and deployment of assets is impressive. I wonder what we're not seeing. I know I've asked before but what's the Navy doing?

Half the country thinks it won the world while the other goes about our day in a quiet rage knowing something very precious was just stolen. Many are waiting for something to happen. My personal favorite is that some kind of super covert group headed by JFK Jr after staging his death known as Q has engineered what is infolding today in a mission to restore the "for and by the people".

Trump likes big surprises and I genuinely think he likes sharing the wins with the country. He's got something big for the 20th...The barbed wire looks like it's on the inside ;)

So that's pretty much where we are and this guy is todays hero.

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