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Calm Before The Storm

There has been about 50 visits to this site every hour for two days despite very few posts. I've been contacted directly from subscribers wanting to know what's going on. Everybody is looking for the next shoe to drop...that next big headline regarding the election fraud. We simply don't know and we can't confirm any of the rumors and unsubstantiated (although interesting) tweets.

It appears everything is happening behind the scenes. The flow of suggested articles and links Maelstrom receives from the community is now a trickle (mostly memes). We were warned of a potential social & MSM blackout and its starting to look like we are in it. We were also told to expect some sort of "10 day lockdown" and "Global Military Actions". We may not need to wait till Jan 6th to see some fireworks but we do need to be patient.

Hold The Line

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