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Calm Before The Storm

As we all wait to see if Wednesday or Friday is "Kraken" day I've found very little worth posting. Perhaps there's just nothing worth posting or like many I'm caught in this wait and see mode. I truly feel something big is about to happen.

I started this site as a place to post articles that social/mainstream media was either ignoring or in some cases just deleting. This was to be a single spot for all the relevant reports and media pertaining to election fraud. Frankly, I didn't expect this to go on this long, or get this big. I'm not complaining. This has certainly been interesting, but what now? Are we waiting to find out Trump lost, and we're all doomed to a Harris administration's crazy socialist agenda? Does the evidence not only win Trump another four years but functionally removed the plug from the bottom of the swap?

I expect the next week to be interesting for both sides. I also believe what will eventually come to light in court will shake this country to its core. The level of corruption that will be exposed is going to change the course of America for generations. High profile types, household names will go to jail. Many will sing like birds which will lead to more arrests and so on. Make no mistake a win for Trump under these circumstances will drain the swamp. In this calm before the storm, I wonder if there was any other legal way to round up so many corrupt actors in our government at one time. In my opinion we are seeing 3D chess being played against a side who is only playing checkers.

Take a deep breath, eat some turkey and be thankful there are some very smart and determined people fighting for America. For them, for our families and for this country Hold The Line!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Below are a few videos from Banned.video to help prime you for what’s to come.

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